Sara Lopez

Sara Lopez | CSC G2003 | ODP Regional Team Member

CSC brings in a numerous amount of soccer talent to the community that can’t go unnoticed. CSC is very proud to have received the opportunity to get to know Sara Lopez, who was called up to 2018 ODP regional team. Here is also a little more of how Sara helps us define how soccer has become part of her life.

CSC: Tell us a little bit about yourself (Name, age, year in grade school, where are you from)

Sara: My name is Sara Lopez and I am 14 years old and I will be an incoming freshman at Grossmont High School and I live in El Cajon, California.

CSC: How old were you when you got started playing soccer and what caught your interest about starting to play?

Sara: I started playing soccer when I was 4 years old and I have been doing it for 10 years now. I have always had a passion for the game because ever since I was younger I  always had ball at my feet. My dad was a big part in me wanting to play since he used to play as well so my saw that I was very passionate about the sport so my parents have supported me throughout the whole way.

CSC: What position(s) do you play and what do you like most about that position?

Sara: I play the 9 position which is a forward. What I like most about this position is that I love the feeling of being apart of attacking the opposing team and creating plays to be able to score goals in order to win games.

CSC: You are a member of the ODP, how has that experience impacted you as a player? What has been the best part about being part of that squad?

Sara: Being a member of the ODP team has impacted me as a player by helping me develop my confidence on the ball and connecting with my teammates on the field. The best part about being part of the squad is getting to travel with my team like to Florida or Arizona, and also learning from the coaches. I feel like this is what it must feel to travel with the national team when they to play their games.

 CSC: You were just called up to be part of the regional team, what kinds of thoughts and mindset do you have to have when you have an opportunity like this?

Sara: The kinds of thoughts and mindset you have to have when get an opportunity like that is that you have to be confident in yourself and in your game because the objective is to be able to be one of the starting 11 on the field. You want to be part of the reason you win games. You want to show not just your coaches, but your team mates why you’re out there.

CSC: How long have you been at CSC? How has your experience been with the team and your coach?

Sara: I have been playing at CSC for five years now. I started out with coach Robbie and some girls that I have known since my AYSO days. Since then Coach Victor has taken over our team going on to my third year with him. My experience with the club has been great with all the opportunities I have had brought to me such as being nominated being team captain and being to have an open door to ODP. CSC has helped me develop my leadership skills that I now showcase today in my game.

CSC: It’s not been easy for you to get to the ODP, how did you make this happen?

Sara: I managed to be a member of ODP because I was scouted at state cup by one of the ODP coaches. I was invited to go to the tryouts, it was a little nerve-racking because I was going out there by myself and didn’t have any teammates like all the other girls. It was an experience on its own just being there. There was over 100 girls and I was able to make the cuts. From there I had to go a camp in Ojai. Cuts were made again after in order to go to the winter camps, then more cuts. Finally from there I made it to the final 18 to go to regionals.

CSC: You are one of the hardest-working players at CSC, what drives you to work so hard and can you describe a typical week for you?

Sara: Some of the reasons why I push myself to work so hard is all the support that my coaches, friends and family give me. My teammates are a strong influence in which I push myself so much as well. My typical week as a student athlete is on Mondays since I do not have regular training, I run 3 miles and report my time to coach Victor. Tuesdays is my rest day, but I still try to make time to work out after school along with finishing homework at home. Wednesdays and Thursdays, I have regular training at the club. Fridays I have off, but again still managed to work out. On the weekends there is usually a scrimmage or morning training.

CSC: What has been the best soccer experience you had so far?

Sara: The best soccer experience that I have was the first ever tournament that I won with my team which was recent. I won my first tournament last year. For me that was important because my team is always close to winning or getting to the final and sadly end up being finalists. To finally being able to hold that trophy and say that we won with all the hard work and dedication we put in was a great feeling. That tournament was special because we ended up beating a team that beat us first and we ended up facing them in the championship.

CSC: What are your long-term soccer goals?

Sara: My long-term soccer goals is to still keep playing for CSC and to look forward to high school soccer and be the freshman that makes the Varsity team and be able to play in college. I would like to set myself to play professionally in the future and play in the Olympics since that has been a dream of mine since I was little.

CSC: What advice would you give younger players at CSC especially our girls side?

Sara: A message I want to spread to all the younger players especially the younger girls is to follow your passion and dreams. Take what you have from each coach and learn as much as you can to apply that your game. Developing new skills and taking risks is just how you get better. You will be having new teammates and sometimes new coaches so be open to new things and don’t be afraid to come out of your comfort zone.