This Monthkatiecollage_r1_c1‘s One-on-One: Katie Schneider


1. How and when did you get started in Soccer?
I started playing AYSO in U6 and moved to CSC at U8.

2. Why did you pick to play in goal?
My team needed a keeper and I volunteered.

3. You are a pretty good field player yourself, why is it so important that GKs are also good with their feet?
|In the game your defenders and mid’s might pass it back to you, if they do this it is important that you can get a quick first touch away from the forward running at you.

4. You areĀ a member of the Olympic Development Program, How do you feel about that?
The high level play and environment is really fun to be a part of, when you are on the field everyone is there to compete.

5. It’s not been easy for you to get to the ODP, How did you make this happen?
Hardwork and confidence, at ODP try-outs and camps you have to have a big personality and make yourself noticed. However, in the end it comes down to how much your willing to work.

6. You are katiecollage_r3_c3one of the hardest-working Keepers at CSC, what drives you to work so hard and can you describe a typical week for you?
Its always fun for me, whether its keeper practice or team practice. A typical week for me is Tuesday/Thursday-team practice Wednesday/Thursday/Sometimes Friday-keeper practice.

7. What are your long-term goals?
To play in college and continue ODP.

8. What is your best soccer memory so far?
Winning state cup as a U11.

9. What advice would you give other GKs?
Be confident in your box. Ask for the ball back, be apart of plays and communicate.

katiecollage_r5_c210. If you had one word that describes you, what would that be?