Academy Camp


Age Group: Boys and Girls 1999-2000

When: July 11-13

Where: Pershing Middle School

(8204 San Carlos Drive San Diego, CA 92119)

Time: 8:30am-11:00am

The objectives of this camp led by coach Victor Melendez and coach Tom Stretton were to improve tactical decision making by applying attacking principles such as ball possession activities, attacking pattern activities, and small sided game activities. These concepts are then applied in game situations to help develop the player tactically. In the videos below you will see examples of the great activities we showcase at our academy camp to help our players with these key points in development.


Great combination play exercise that shows playing wide that connects with a cross and ends with finishing on goal.

Possession play in a giant Rondo. Great for strengthening ball possession and quick decision making.

Our CSC boys working on technical development with the ball led by Coach Tom S.

Working on connecting the ball while dribbling into space while at the same time working on body mechanics, balance, and coordination.

The City Park and Recreation Dept. has closed all grass fields used by Crusaders Soccer Club on Monday, January 14h due to the rain.